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 ===== Sizing ===== ===== Sizing =====
 +====== My experience ====== 
 +===== Hardware ===== 
 +From the start I used Marathon Supreme 700x35C instead of the original tires and another saddle. 
 +Cheap but good bicycle, very low maintenance. 
 +===== Issues & Problems ===== 
 +None in two years!
 ====== Pictures ====== ====== Pictures ======
 +Pictures done for selling the bicycle. I used another configuration.
 {{:​bicycle:​img_20170624_180448.jpg?​200|}} {{:​bicycle:​img_20170624_180448.jpg?​200|}}
 {{:​bicycle:​img_20170624_180509.jpg?​200|}} {{:​bicycle:​img_20170624_180509.jpg?​200|}}
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