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Play MP3 from the command line

My favorite software is mpg123 because it is simple and doens't need a lot of resources. Start it with the -C parameter, so you will be able to enter command during the play.

mpg123 -C /path/to/your/mp3/album/*

Type h during the play to display the available commands.

 -= terminal control keys =-
[s] or [ ]	interrupt/restart playback (i.e. '(un)pause')
[f]	next track
[d]	previous track
[b]	back to beginning of track
[p]	loop around current position (don't combine with output buffer)
[.]	forward
[,]	rewind
[:]	fast forward
[;]	fast rewind
[>]	fine forward
[<]	fine rewind
[+]	volume up
[-]	volume down
[r]	RVA switch
[v]	verbose switch
[l]	list current playlist, indicating current track there
[t]	display tag info (again)
[m]	print MPEG header info (again)
[h]	this help
[q]	quit
[c] or [C]	pitch up (small step, big step)
[x] or [X]	pitch down (small step, big step)
[w]	reset pitch to zero
[k]	print out current position in playlist and track, for the benefit of some external tool to store bookmarks
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